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Quality Maui and Poipu Vacation Rentals

Quality Maui and Poipu Vacation Rentals

When asked to think of a dream vacation destination, many people would quickly respond with Hawaii. Vacationers enjoy the balmy air and unique sunsets this intriguing island state has to offer. A few of the unique characteristics that make Hawaii a popular destination are its near perfect year round climate, and the fact that rain and sunshine can take place simultaneously, a mere three miles apart. The history buff may wish to tour areas where ancient Hawaiian temples once stood, or visit Pearl Harbor in remembrance of those who lost their lives on the Day of Infamy.

Some folks consider Hawaii the experience of a lifetime, and as such, desire to plan a well thought out vacation that will be remembered with happiness for years to come. Care must be taken to explore all options for accommodations before making a final decision. A traveler should decide if he or she desires to rent a vacation home, or if resort accommodations are preferred. Vacationers must also take into consideration the time of year they wish to travel, as airfare rates can fluctuate quite a bit throughout the seasons. It may seem a daunting task at first, but if one allows enough time for organization, planning the trip can be part of the fun.


Hawaii offers destinations to appeal to just about anyone who enjoys tropical vacations. The island of Kauai is home to the popular Poipu resort area. Poipu is situated on Kauai’s southern coast, which gives beach lovers direct sunshine for the majority of the day. The island features golf clubs and trendy cafes, and during the off-season, it is not unusual to see a humpback whale, or catch a glimpse of Hawaii’s notorious green sea turtles.

Poipu vacation rentals are available year round, and customers can easily check ratings and reviews online before making a choice. Poipu Shore Rentals offer accommodations for almost any size family, from one-bedroom suites, to 3 bedroom condos that include fully equipped kitchens and laundry service. With a little research you’ll find a wide variety of timeshare rental options as well, many people purchase blocks of time but tire of returning to the same resort year after year so they opt to rent out the week(s) or trade it for other locales.

Those seeking a Poipu vacation rental, but prefer a stand-alone structure rather than a condominium, may wish to contact Suite Paradise. As the name implies, they do provide resort accommodations, however, they also offer a wide array of choices in home rentals, including cottages and beach properties. This had been tested and proven by my glazier friend from Glass Repair Caboolture as he visited Poipu on his off work vacation trip.

Companies such as The Parish Collection, Kauai, furnish luxury beach rentals. This upscale rental company offers higher end accommodations such as large beachfront homes and luxury cottages secluded from other structures.

Sometimes vacationers find it necessary to travel on a budget, however, this does not mean that Poipu is out of reach. Naturally, discount rates in Hawaii may be higher than rates offered at other beach destinations, but it is possible to find budget rentals on Kauai. Kauai Condos at Kuhio Shores offer owner direct rentals at discount prices, such as rentals in the popular Poipu Beach Park area. Golf condominiums that are situated a few miles inland are usually available at a reasonable price during the off-season. Since Hawaii is enjoyable any time of year, these types of rentals can be of great benefit to those working with a limited budget.


For some, Maui is the destination of choice when planning a Hawaiian vacation and a wide variety of accommodations are available on this beautiful island as well. AA Oceanfront Rentals specialize in beachfront properties, and condominiums that are situated within walking distance from the shore. The company is local, with offices in Azeka Mauka Shopping Center. This can be of great benefit since a vacationer can drop by the office for assistance if a problem arises. Koa Lagoon specializes in Maui oceanfront apartment rentals to accommodate 2-8 people and are available year round.

Comparison shopping is the best way to find quality accommodations at a reasonable price. Whether traveling to Maui or Poipu, a vacation in the lush and tropical state of Hawaii is sure to be an enjoyable experience. With careful planning and consideration, vacationers can have a fun and hassle free experience they will surely remember for years to come. You’ll find no shortage of Maui vacation homes or a beach rental, be it online or through your travel consultant.