4 Best Ways to See Uluru -Travel to Ayers Rock information

4 Best Ways to See Uluru -Travel to Ayers Rock information

Uluru, also known as the ‘heart of Australia’, is the most beautiful of rocky formations in the Northern territory and because of its ancient cultural history as well as its spectacular surroundings it has gained a lot of interest from tourists both domestically and internationally. As a stranded mountain peak tore down by thousands of years of erosion it really looks like a strange natural monument. Given that the territory around it has a lot of natural resources, water springs, waterholes and a lot of vegetation, it has gained worldwide notoriety and it has now been declared a World Heritage Site, for its many unique features and also for the culture that it has brought to life.

A visit here is almost mandatory, especially if you don’t live very far from it . The Australians definitely have to visit it at least once, and, while the trip there has been made more convenient by the late 1950s infrastructure development in the region there are also some other ways of getting to know the place.

Take your car for an out of this world spin. One great way to plan a weekend or even a longer stay in the region is to take your car, share it with your friends or relatives and get going. If you don’t want to take your own car, maybe you want to travel in style in a porsche for example or perhaps you want something more economical, you can always use the services of DriveMyCar Rentals and they will provide you with an huge range of vehicles at incredibly low prices. Do not forget to take beverages with you, but, also, don’t forget that you can also use the natural spring resources available on site. The trip shouldn’t be difficult, and in most cases, considering the conditions on the roads, you will have a very tranquil experience getting there. The greatest advantage of arriving there by car is the experience itself, seeing how the landscape changes almost instantly around the sacred site. You will first get to see the vegetation being denser and, then, at a moment’s notice, this giant appearing from nowhere, offering an amazing view. If you want to capture the beauty of the experience don’t forget to bring a camera with you. There will certainly be some amazing shots, and some out of this world moments.

Want to see Uluru from above? The helicopter ride is for you! The amazing site will offer a fresh new perspective if you choose to get a bird’s eye view. From above Uluru is even more beautiful. The way the colors impact an otherwise barren ground, the surrounding vegetation and the tens or even hundreds of people who gather around most of the time, all look fabulous. Of course, this will not be a cheap ride, but all things considered, if you can afford it then it’s for a good cause . More often than not you will need to make a reservation a long time before you plan the escapade. There aren’t many companies offering such services but Ayers Rock Resort will accept bookings if they are contacted in advance. The best part is that you can get to experience this wonderful adventure along with your family or friends and really live something extraordinary. If you expected astronomical prices then you can rest assured that at least they don’t leave the ground . For 135$ you can embark on a 15 minute tour of the Uluru peak. Tell your friends to beat that!

Take a Caravan Trip. If you are more interested in a little vacation and also are the kind of person that likes to sleep in his or her own bed, then a caravan trip will offer you just that. Keep in mind though that you will not be allowed to park in the immediate vicinity of the Ayers Rock formation, but keeping a safe distance will still grant you a wonderful opportunity to wake up in the morning with a spectaular view of Uluru. Which is in itself a great accomplishment, given that the 1970’s accommodations have all been relocated outside the immediate vicinity of the peak.
The spiritually rewarding experience – walking. Even if you are not a practiced hiker and you don’t go very often on walking trips, you will be happy to know that, from the immediate vicinity of the adjacent accommodations and resorts, you will need no more than a few hours to get your feet on Uluru. There are, of course some restrictions, so you may need to first consult with the local authorities, but, all in all you will be happy to tread an ancient sun-kissed land. There will be an admittance fee, but it isn’t very high, around 25$. Also, the money will be put to good use in maintaining and restoring the site.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to explore Uluru, and, no matter which you choose you will be properly awarded for your effort and time. Plan the trip when it is convenient for you and enjoy one of the most awesome sites in Australia.

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